Yessick’s is a renowned interior design company in the southeastern US, with four retail stores currently open.

Each location is a complete interior design retail shopping experience, and we provide a full scale interior design service.

Each store has products for sale inside the store such as home accessories, lamps, artwork, mirrors, furniture, potpourri, candles, and much more.

It is definitely worth it just to browse any of the locations, as each store is a remarkable work of interior design in itself.

Let me tell you, the inside of these stores are immaculate, as a team of interior designers are responsible for each store’s display.

Our Designers have helped many satisfied clients make their ideal interiors become a reality, as we offer a full scale interior design service that works “just for you.”

We also offer an enormous selection of fabrics, wallpapers, surfaces, furniture, art and home accessories through our Vendors.

After 38 years, and still going strong, we are open for business. Come by and see us today! Or Contact us to schedule an appointment.

About Yessick’s Design Center’s Interior Design Services

Specializing in complete room makeovers, Yessicks handles everything from the first coat of paint, to the furniture, and final accessory choices.

We believe in what we do, and we do it with a passion. Yessicks strives to save clients from confusion and costly mistakes. Yessicks works “with you,” and not just “for you.” We create a “just for you” impressive interior.

The people we help, as well as our designers, are always so excited to create these immaculate interior spaces together.

People are simply amazed when they walk into their finished room.

We make the entire process easy, with professional designers who are friendly and supportive. We have a great understanding of individual needs. Yessicks designers find solutions based on the feedback we receive from you.

Yessick’s Furniture and Accessories

We are continually expanding our collection of furniture and accessories which we have in our store and warehouse.

The wide selection of accessories including mirrors, fine artwork, lamps and tabletop items, make accenting your home a delight. Come by and see our collection of unique items today!

Also, we have a large selection of inventory available through special order. There are so many ideal choices that we have to offer through our extensive catalog selection and line of vendors.

There are some really fantastic furniture pieces available on the market nowadays. You should really come by, and let a designer show you a few examples. A designer can easily help you by providing a few furniture, fabric, and rug options specific to your own style.

Yessick’s is a team of interior design professionals who work together to create immaculate interiors.

From many large and small residential jobs, condominiums and apartments, from hotels to offices, our team can create lovely, functional interiors that respond to clients’ individual needs and preferences.

We work with people in Atlanta, Knoxville, Nashville, Birmingham, Dalton, Fort Oglethorpe, Ringgold, Cleveland TN, Lookout Mtn., Signal Mtn., Chattanooga, and beyond. We will travel to your location, and bring everything we need with us. Yessick’s has the ability to make your dreams a reality.

Marsha Yessick is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers, and holds an NCIDQ certificate and a BS in Interior Design from the University of Alabama.

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-Yessicks support staff

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