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blue butterfly plate

Look at this really cool blue butterfly plate. They are perfect for serving small dishes or side items to your friends and family on special occasions, or just whenever.

Maybe you can use them on national butterflies day, which is March 14th, btw..

Plus, they are polka-dotted on the outside, and the butterfly itself is raised slightly off of the surface of the plate. So therefore, it is in relief.

You can feel the design of the butterfly underneath your fingertips as you run your fingers across the surface of the plate; pretty cool, you know?

Plus, this one is in blue, and many people love this color.

It’s blue like the ocean, or like the Mission Blue Butterfly, an endangered species of blue butterflies near San Francisco.

Blue Butterfly Plate

blue butterfly plate

If you are interested in buying this blue butterfly plate, then just click on the image or the link below:

Buy this Blue Butterfly Plate Here

Actually, the butterfly on this plate almost looks really similar to the Mission Blue Butterfly (google image search), to be honest.

Endangered Butterfly Species in the US

or, you can get…

Green Butterfly Plates

green butterfly plate

If you are interested in this plate, click on the image or the link below:

Click to buy the Green Butterfly Plate

This plate is cool because the border is different from the one above. It is striped, not polka-dotted, so it is unique in that regard.

The butterfly is purple and blue, maybe a little bit like the Red-Spotted Purple butterfly of North America.

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