Schumacher Fabrics: The ! of a Room

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F. Schumacher Fabrics is a prestigious American based fabric and textile supplier that is renowned for patterns that are traditional, and truly American.

Schumacher is, to a large degree, responsible for The Development of Various Decorative and Upholstery Fabrics here in the US.

Schumacher works with many, many high end clients and interior designers worldwide. The company has approximately fifteen showrooms in the US, and has an extensive network of sales representatives worldwide who work with interior designers.

They are a fifth generation company, with direct descendants of Fredric Schumacher still owning the company since 1889. Schumacher is the oldest fabric supplier with direct descendants that still own the company in the world.

There are many matching styles available, many of which have wallcoverings that are designed to correlate with the fabrics and rugs.


F. Schumacher is based in NYC and Newark, Delaware. The original location from 1889 was on 22nd and Broadway in NYC in the Ladies’ Mile, which is now known as the Ladies’ Mile Historic District.

In 1895, the company purchased the Waverly Mill, in Patterson, N.J. During the First and Second World Wars, the Waverly Mill helped to produce parachutes, life preservers, and other military equipment. During the Second World War, the Waverly Mill operated 24 hours a day.

After the war, a new advertising campaign was introduced that informed American housewives that they could get “all three:” wallcovering, carpeting, and fabric, all in one place.

In 1950, First Lady Bess Truman chose fabric from Schumacher for the White House’s third floor Solarium windows and upholstery.

The set for the movie “Gone with the Wind” was designed with Schumacher Fabrics. Also, the set of “I Love Lucy” was designed with Schumacher. Many other movies and TV shows since have also utilized a Schumacher fabric selection for their sets.

Over the years, F. Schumacher has provided fabrics for the White House, the Supreme Court, the Smithsonian Museum, and helped with the design of the Metropolitan Opera in NYC.

More on Schumacher

Today, Schumacher continues to be a leading supplier of decorative fabrics for home and office. Their specialties include: Historic Reproductions, Oriental Rugs, Luxury Textiles, and they also produce Handmade Rugs.

Schumacher’s main brands are: Schumacher Classic, Schumacher Modern, Schumacher Elements, and Schumacher Terra.

The Terra line is a “green” line because it avoids hazardous chemicals and dyes to create these fabrics. Everything about the Terra line is environmentally safe.

Some samples of Schumacher Fabrics

Schumacher Fabrics can bring a little “!” to a room.

schumacher fabrics

This tree print is fun and festive for window treatments or upholstery, and the linear blue pattern might go well with pillows.

A sofa in the red may work well.

These fabrics may be utilized in different combinations, and like the 50’s ad, you can get “all three:” the wallcovering, the fabric, and the rug all in one place with Schumacher Fabrics.

schumacher fabrics

What a delightful aviary print, with pillows or ottomans, or any other furnishing, for that matter..


Ah, the browns and beiges always make that relaxing mood in a room, and Schumacher makes fringes as well..

f schumacher fabrics

Yessick’s enjoys drawing from a extensive line of fabric suppliers. Schumacher is one of the best, and we have provided these examples to give you a sampling of some of the wonderful Schumacher Products that we have available.

f schumacher fabrics prestigious textiles

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons more suppliers and fabric samples available through Yessick’s. Contact Us to see some today!


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