Yessick’s welcomes you for a visit or simply a phone interview is all that is necessary for your first appointment.


This can be the most efficient part of your process. Once an appointment is set, the rest will be exciting and fun. No worries now, the designers will do all of the leg work.


All of Yessick’s designers are experienced and excellent in the field of interior design. Just speak with a Yessick’s manager or an available designer, and you are on your way!


Yes. Yessick’s does all types of interiors: homes, corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, banks, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and more!


Definitely! Your involvement is essential. Two minds are often better than one, and Yessick’s strives for a look that is all your own.


Yes! From the beginning we will present you with ideas for all interior finishes including: lighting, tile, floor coverings, paint, wallpaper, kitchen designs, custom draperies and accessories.


Absolutely!! You can discuss this in the initial interview. Written proposals will then be submitted on all custom orders.


Yes. A large staff available, representing many different styles. You can expect the latest trends and colors.


This is their specialty! Working with your treasures, and adding what is necessary, makes your room the best!

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