Home Makeover by an Interior Designer

This is a home makeover by an interior designer, and Marsha Yessick of Yessick’s Design Center was the designer for this job.

We will first start with some before photos of the living room and dining space in which we did the home makeover.

Home Makeover – Yessick’s Design Center

The following two photos sort of give you an idea of what the space looked like when we arrived.

We used some of the client’s existing furniture and accessories while also including items that were special ordered for the job.

We also brought accessories, greenery, and lamps to accommodate the space.

Home Makeover – Before Photos

home makeover

The living room carpet was already in place. The red chairs we had reupholstered with a red velvet to go along with the color palette of Marsha’s design scheme.

home makeover

The client left accessories and kitchen items so that Marsha could strategically place them on the shelves in unique and smart arrangements.

Home Makeover After Photos

This is the dining room table with reupholstered chairs. Plates are positioned in the cabinet on the left, while interesting art is hung in a well executed style.

home makeover

The red really goes well with the hardwood floors, and the greenery is a nice finishing touch to compliment the reds and natural brown.

Well placed art and furniture in the picture below are accompanied by a secretary with accessories placed in a carefully planned and orderly fashion.

home makeover

This^ would be a great place to sit and do paperwork by the warmth of the fireplace, which is out of the frame on the right side.

home makeovera

This green velvet sofa just looks amazing now that it has been reupholstered. Unique sculptural art and books on the shelves are not overdone, and create a nice clean look.

home makeover

Neutral furniture is utilized in the seating area of this office, while metal wall art, greenery, a throw, and the leaf bowl are smart accessory choices that don’t crowd the space.

This was a fun job to work on with Marsha, because she is fun to work with when we go on these interior design jobs.

A home makeover everyday is what an interior designer does. Marsha has been doing this for over thirty years, and has it down to an art and a science.

Home makeovers are what we do the best here at Yessick’s.

Thank you,

-Yessick’s Design Center

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