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Interior Design Style 1 : Colorful and Modern

This first style post is about the progress of Yessick’s Interior Design styles from start to finish.

We have taken pictures of our latest job in stages, to show you how we complete each interior design style from the beginning to the end.

The first picture shows the inside of our warehouse, and how we got all the items ready to load in the truck.

Initial Stages: Warehouse

interior design styles

To the left you will see our window treatments, and all of the furniture is mainly still in boxes.

interior design styles

We wrap the smaller items and place them in baskets for easy transport. You will also see in this^ pic the boxes which contain the rods for the window treatments.

interior design styles

These are our two guys who are responsible for the heavy lifting on our jobs. You can see them arranging the truck in order to prevent any damages to the merchandise from occurring.

interior design styles

Here is Marsha Yessick, the designer for this job, going over some of her patterns and color diagrams for the room.

interior design styles

Here^ is a good picture of the baskets and our team loading the truck.

We are about to be finished loading the truck, and then we drive to the location.

Unloading and Before Pics

This pic below shows the initial stages of unloading into the home.

interior design styles

These are some of the before shots of the empty space.

interior design styles

Another pic of the living room space in the home before we started bringing things into the home.

interior design styles

Here is a pic of the hallway in this lovely space, and the floors were just finished before we came.

interior design styles

This pic is of the den space, with Marsha adjusting the fan, because it was hot!

interior design styles

Our truck is parked, and is being unloaded into the home.

interior design styles

A before picture of the bedroom, and this was pretty much what it looked like when we got there, except for a few things we placed on the bed.

interior design styles

Here is evidence of some of our process. We have unloaded the baskets, and then placed the items on the floor so that we can easily pull from them when we are ready for the lamps and accessories.

interior design styles

Yessick’s handles the art carefully as to prevent damage to the canvas surfaces. We brought the art in from the truck, and we stacked it carefully in the space.

interior design styles

Here is a member of our team assembling the dining room table.

interior design styles

Another pic of Marsha coordinating the placement of the furniture in the living room.

interior design styles

Here is a member of our team getting ready to install the window treatments in the bedroom.

interior design styles

In this^ pic Marsha is instructing a member of our crew who helps us hang art.

Next we move on to the final pics which show the completed interior design styles of Yessick’s Design Center.

Interior Design Styles 1 – Colorful and Modern – After Photos


^The master bedroom with custom window treatments and bedding.

interior design styles

This is the living room space, which utilizes a complimentary color palette of blue and yellow.

interior design styles

Here is the den, with a large mirrored chest in the back corner, and the monochromatic blue statement above the mirrored chest. Notice the turtle patterns on the ottomans.


The client loves turtles, so Marsha found this awesome Sea Turtle Art at the Las Vegas Furniture Market this year, and it just went perfectly in the space.

interior design styles

The floor lamp looks great with this orange and white pattern print chair, while also providing good lighting for reading in the chair.

interior design styles

Here is the bathroom, with custom window treatments, custom shower curtain, and matching towels.

interior design styles

Look at the wallpaper in the kitchen. Our crew hung the wallpaper before Marsha and our team got there to set up the space. Doesn’t it look just great?

interior design styles

And the dining room looks fantastic with a cool chandelier, an awesome glass top table, and a really cool piece of abstract art.

So this just shows you one of the interior design styles of Yessick’s Design center. We have tried to give you a clear idea of our process. Although each job we do is different, we go through the same basic stages to get it done.

Interior Design Style 2 – Classic and Sophisticated

This interior design style started with a blank slate. Items were brought in and arranged in order to make the best possible interior space.


^This is the dining room, with smart art choices, and well placed furniture.

The chairs were reupholstered in red velvet. We arranged plated and accessories on the glass shelves on the left.

A table skirt is incorporated with artificial greenery as the centerpiece.

The following photo shows the antique sofa that we had reupholstered with dark green velvet:


Notice the well thought out placements of accessories on the shelves in the background. This style gives a sense of a relaxing environment, with a degree of sophistication.


^A view of the office space. This is one of the interior design styles that has become popular recently. It incorporates neutrals and simple accessories to create a calming effect. Notice the matching throw that is on one of the chairs.


A traditional interior design style which allows the client to sit next to the fireplace when doing paperwork tasks such as writing letters and etc…

Interior Design Style 3 – Contemporary mixed with Eclectic

These spaces were transformed into contemporary interior designs through the work of our team.


Design based on a gray scale usually has a contemporary and subdued feeling.  This room with custom window treatment and bedding creates a room that just feels up to date.


Good lamp placements and an ideal art choice resonate in this living room with a checkerboard gray and white sofa. The fabric on this sofa is amazing. There are gray lines of velvet on a neutral background, and this fabric design has texture.


Wooden tones, deep browns, and umbers make this office with large screen and wall plaques sophisticated and full of depth.


Contemporary mixed with eclectic means that unique items are introduced to create variety and to instill a sense of fun an interest into the design scheme.


Contemporary metal wall art and a current fabric selection along with interesting key visual elements and placements create a warm feeling in this room that is meant for small gatherings.


Black and white elements are introduced to correspond to the gray walls and dark wooden furniture in this quite contemporary and eclectic room.

On Styles of Design

These are just some of the interior design styles that we have produced here at Yessick’s.

Interior Design Styles don’t just have to be only a few, ten, or twenty things. There are so many more styles of interior design that you couldn’t put them all together in one place.

There’s so much possibility with interiors. A beautiful interior space can change your life. It can make you think more positively. It will bring you happiness and enthusiasm about coming home to a beautiful environment in which you can live everyday.

Check back on this page later for new additions, and like us on facebook or subscribe to our blog, which we update every week!

Thank you,

Yessick’s Design Center


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