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Interior Designer Nashville – Beth Elms of Yessick’s Design Center

beth elms“I believe in creating spaces that incorporate family, function, and friends. My goal is to always put my clients first, helping them achieve their dreams down to the smallest detail.”
-Beth Elms


Examples of the Work of Beth Elms – Interior Designer Nashville:

An office space in a Nashville home

interior designer nashville

The use of different shapes in combination with neutral tones creates a soft and warm environment.


The mirrored desk is the perfect place to set up a laptop, and floral arrangements and prints are utilized with blue tones that balance the neutrals.

Living Spaces in Nashville Homes

interior designer nashville

A beige linear contemporary rug is used with solid sofas and patterned accent pillows.

interior designer nashville

Deep blue walls and an animal motif bring out the hardwood floors. This symmetrical layout is framed nicely with a striped window treatment.

interior designer nashville

Coral accent pillows add a soft highlight to this cream and neutral design scheme.

interior designer nashville

The grid patterned chairs are wonderful, and they just look comfortable. An ottoman makes resting in these chairs easier as well.

interior designer nashville

This leather sofa is amazing because it is so comfortable, and it is great for get togethers. The rug is great, and the frames of the mantle art balance the color pallete just perfectly.

interior designer nashville

The rug is elegant and simple, giving energy to the space. The color balance among the interior design elements, and the way they accompany the fireplace, hardwood floors, and walls is without a doubt, the work of a professional interior designer.

Other Rooms

interior designer nashville

Custom bedding and pillows with a soft green floral print and a diluted pink hue compliment the rug and window treatments in this comfortable environment for resting.

interior designer nashville

Granite countertops match the walls, cabinets, and kitchen elements in this amazing kitchen space by Beth Elms.

interior designer nashville

A traditional dining room updated with a touch of transitional fabrics.

Yessick’s recommends Beth Elms for Interior Design Services

For an interior designer Nashville and beyond, Beth Elms can create warm, inviting spaces that are simply magnificent down to the smallest detail.

Whether it is one room, two, or an entire new home, she has the capacity to design interiors that are friendly, beautiful, and welcoming.

Contact Yessick’s in Nashville at 615.376.2971 to set up an appointment with Beth Elms today!

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