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Yessick’s Design Center

For Interior Designers Chattanooga TN, simply look no further than Yessick’s Design Center. We offer an extensive line of interior design solutions for your home or office.

Our wonderful and talented Team of Designers provides the best individual solutions for your new or existing home.

We specialize in interior design services in Chattanooga TN and surrounding areas. We serve the entire southeast with our extensive Line of Vendors from which we select desired products for your home.

Yessick’s Interior Designers Chattanooga TN makes Interior Design Fun!

You tell us exactly what you are looking for in your home. We work with many different clients’ needs, and we work with them to provide the best solution for their own individual price range.

Yessick’s also orders furniture custom made, including specialized fabrics and finishes for specific pieces.

We also specialize in designing, creating, and installing custom window treatments in Chattanooga and beyond.

If you are interested in our custom window treatment service in Chattanooga or Nashville, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a large warehouse at our Chattanooga store where we receive most of the furniture.

Our talented and enthusiastic team always gets your furniture delivered safely and without compromise.

We want to make your house look fantastic! I mean, you will be simply amazed at the talent of our designers.

That’s the reason why we have been around for more than 30 years; people simply love the outcomes of the work that Yessick’s does on a daily basis still today after all of these years.

We continue to strive for excellence with every job we do, down to every detail.

The Process:

Call and schedule and appointment with a designer. You should talk to Marsha Yessick, the owner and lead designer at Yessick’s.

Marsha is also an approved member of ASID.

We have a highly talented and well educated team of designers who can help as well.

Here is a pic of Marsha:

interior designers chattanooga tn

You may also choose to work with Marsha’s daughter: Embry.

Interior Designers Chattanooga TN

This is a pic of Embry sitting in the Yessick’s Signal Mountain store and gift shop.

Embry has been involved with Yessick’s since a very early age, and she has many years of accumulated design experience.

Here’s How it Works

During the first appointment, the designer will go over all of the client’s needs and requirements for their interior space. This gives the client a chance to talk about what they want for their home or office in a personalized environment.

The designer takes notes during the interview. Then, the designer may need to come see the client’s house to measure and survey the area that is in need of the changes.

After the designer comes to an understanding of what the client desires, the designer puts together a few different design schemes for the new home or office space.

These design schemes are then presented to the client in a second appointment.

With the input of the client during the second appointment, the final design scheme and furniture choices are selected. We then order and prepare the elements of the design, such as furniture, wallpaper, lighting, surfaces, and accessories.

Yessick’s will store all of these products in our warehouse until the day of your installation arrives.


On the day of your installation, our team comes to your home with all of your furniture and accessories, and we put your finalized room(s) together.

Wallpaper is usually hung previous to the install. All drapery products are installed on this day. Rugs are placed where they need to be placed. We bring in the furniture and accessories.

Then our designers set up the room according to plan with the help of our team.

On the day of the install, you don’t have to do anything.

All you have to do is come home to a comfortable, relaxing, and well designed interior space.

Everything goes together. Nothing is out of place.

Everything that is there is meant to be there to add to the beauty of the space.

When you return home after the job is complete, you will be stunned.

Interior Design Chattanooga

For Interior Designers Chattanooga TN, Yessick’s Design Center is the only interior design solution you will ever need.

Each of our designers specialize in a specific style of design.

If you are looking for a modern feel, then allow us to select you a designer who specializes in this style. Some would like a room just for their children. We have many options for kids, as well. We have done a ton of playrooms in the past.

Like I said, our designers work with clients’ individual needs to accommodate what they want.

Some people are just moving in to a new home, and they need help placing things. Often, when such a situation occurs, there is a need for new furniture.

We can set up your new furniture and accessories, and still use some of your old stuff in the design if you would like as well. It is all about what the client wants. We adjust individual jobs according to what types of furniture and accessory choices that different individuals prefer..

Many people who come in are looking just to do one room. Yessick’s can work within your budget. We can do one room at a time, or we have the capability to do an entire house from scratch.

Yessick’s works with existing furniture, accessories, and art, or we can get all new stuff. It really all depends on what each client has, and what they want done with their interior space.

Check out the Yessick’s Home page for new news and updates

Yessicks Home Page

More Yessick’s News

After our huge sale, we have completely renovated our main location on Gunbarrel Rd in Chattanooga. We have placed conference tables in the two main rooms on the lower floor. We have M&M’s with our logo on them too. 🙂

There is now much more room to meet with clients who come in to sit down and talk with a designer. Our store looks great. We still have retail products available for purchase in all of our stores.

If you have always wanted to stop by, just come in and say “hi” today.

We can look at your home, see what you need, and make the appropriate choices for your home’s needs. For Interior Designers Chattanooga TN, please contact us today!

Call 423-892-1785 to set up a meeting or to schedule an appointment today!

More Info on Yessicks

We work with clients all over the southeast to provide the best and most appropriate interior design services available for Chattanooga TN and the surrounding areas.

Yessick’s has a wide selection of Art to choose from as well.  Yessick’s has prints, and we have an oil painting dealer that we work with on consignment to get you the best art available in Chattanooga.

We also specialize in window treatments. Our custom window treatments are designed by our staff to go with your furniture and accessories for each individual room. Yessick’s has several workrooms that we use. We can make any type of window treatment that you want.

Yessick’s also has several professional drapery installers that we work with to get the best results when hanging your new window treatments.

We get the job done right, and the results are usually pretty amazing.

We have thousands of fabric and wallpaper catalogs and samples from which to choose, and we work continually to keep all of our samples current and up to date.

Yessick’s follows the latest trends in design to keep up to date on what is new in the world of interior design. Our team also subscribes to many interior design publications which we peruse constantly to stay current with the latest trends.

Yessick’s designers are also open to ideas which our clients may have come across when reading interior design publications.

Sometimes a client wants a look that they have seen in a magazine. All you have to do is send us a photo or copy of what you want, and then we work carefully to emulate that look.

Yessick’s Furniture

There is also some really spectacular furniture out there on the market that we can easily order. We have tons of furniture catalogs, and we can send off for just about anything you want. We can find you the most perfect furniture imaginable!

One day recently, we installed a really cool sectional silver leather sofa that filled an entire large living room space. This sectional came with handheld controllers which automated the recliners. The sofa worked great for that area, and everyone was pleased with it.

This is just one example. Another example of catering to clients’ specific needs was a really soft, very textured cushy rug which was put into a home where there were babies.

The rug was chosen specifically with the babies in mind. The soft, warm texture of the brand new rug now gives the babies a safe and stimulating environment in which to crawl.

Whether it is visual appeal for a psychologically stimulating space, or you just want a clean and pretty environment to relax in, we have the best solution for your own personal home or office needs.

If you would like to have a few pieces of furniture reupholstered, then this is no problem either. We come pick up what needs new fabric, have it done, and bring it right back to you after one of our workrooms has finished putting on the nicer and newer fabric.

Yessick’s Strives for Perfection

Sometimes we go to a house to deliver one thing, and the client needs a piece of furniture moved. This is no problem. The Yessick’s team can help with little adjustments to your home as needed.

We help you get your home exactly the way you want it to look. That is our goal, and we do anything we can do to get it perfect.

Interior Designers Chattanooga TN

So, for Interior Designers Chattanooga TN, look no further than to Yessick’s. We are the leading provider of interior design services in the southeast.

If you need something specific, schedule and appointment with one of our designers to get exactly what you want. A room can be very colorful and stunning, or we can make it to where it is more relaxed and subdued.

We can make every room different, yet tie the design of the entire home together with a unifying element.

Yessick’s can work with any budget, big or small. We can do anything from a single bedroom, to an entire house or office space.

We have countless success stories all over the Chattanooga area, and want to make the world a more beautiful place with each job we do.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

So, for Interior Designers Chattanooga Tn, call 423-892-1785 to schedule an appointment with a Yessick’s Designer today!

Yessick’s is an Interior Designers Chattanooga TN that strives to offer the highest quality design services to the southeast within the constraints of any budget you may have.

Our other locations

We have stores on top of Lookout Mtn. and Signal Mtn. here in Chattanooga. Visit all of our locations.

The stores on Lookout and Signal also offer design services, and are full scale retail stores that offer a wide range of gifts and accessories as well.

The address to these stores is provided on this page. You should definitely stop by and browse around these two stores as each one is unique, and each one has different products and gifts from which to choose.

These stores carry many unique items that can’t be found in any other store in Chattanooga. So come by if you are in need of a cute gift.

Not only are we interior Designers Chattanooga TN, but we also have a store in Nashville. Our Nashville Location provides all of the same services that our Chattanooga store provides.

This store caters to the needs of the Nashville populace, providing a flexible range of solutions to accommodate any interior design needs.

Interior Design Chattanooga

Visit one of our four locations. Yessick’s welcomes all who have interest in our services to come by and have a chat with us. We are here to help you get your home looking exactly the way you want it to look. We are here for you. Drop in, or give us a call today..

So for Interior Designers Chattanooga TN, please contact our team of professionals today for an appointment at 423-892-1785.

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