Jonathan Gilreath-Harvey

Jonathan is an extremely talented designer with a great deal of experience in interior design who can improve the quality of your life through beautiful and functional interiors.

Yessicks_027_BW“As a designer, growing up in Metro Atlanta, I learned quickly that I had a great appreciation for fine art and exquisite interiors. That’s why, as I have grown in my career, I feel that it is of the utmost importance to satisfy each and every client; meeting their needs and providing them with a beautiful space to live, relax, and work everyday. I believe that one should always: ‘live in beauty.'”
-Jonathan Gilreath-Harvey

Jonathan Gilreath-Harvey – Interior Design Work


Bold patterns matched with neutral solids are framed by elegant and colorful window treatments.


A unique blend of accessories is used in this room, including this dog figurine that compliments the color scheme perfectly.

In this room below, blues and blacks are balanced with a neutral palette.


The solid chair, sofa, and other forms create a geometric feel to the room that brings excitement and energy..


Patterned lamp, patterned custom pillows, along with well thought out shelf accessory placements give life to the solid forms.

Notice the luxurious leather ottoman.^


Blues and browns work well together in this hardwood floor home. The accessories and custom pillows are immaculate!


^A superb job by Jonathan on this dining room space with a splendid choice of accessories and customized table settings.


Neutral tones make calm spaces, so Jonathan has utilized a smart selection of dark wooden tables and accents to create balance and warmth.


^This is just a really neat custom chair, and notice the circular glass dining room table with circular rug under it in the background.


^A serene and relaxing environment for rest.

Nursery by Jonathan Gilreath-Harvey

Embroidered pillows and lavender bedding makes this crib extremely cute.


Jonanthan can do nurseries, and he is incredible at them!

Just look at this great room for a newborn!


Jonathan is a warm, friendly, and enthusiastic interior designer with a great deal of talent.

We recommend Jonathan highly because he knows so much about the science and art of designing the desired interior space for your needs.

Contact us today to set up an appointment with Jonathan!


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