Metallic Balloon Dog Figurine Bank – And Buy Original Jeff Koons Art

metallic balloon dog figurine

We have a few of these metallic balloon dog bank figurine statues for sale.

Not only are they a wonderful visual display for your home, but they may also function as coin banks.

And you can buy a real Koons piece on this page. We are going to give you some examples of his smaller Balloon Dog Original Sculptures, as well as some of his other artwork including some pop art based on pop culture.

That’s all below these awesome replica balloon dog banks that we are now offering. Click here to skip to original Jeff Koons Art

Or you can buy a replica balloon dog bank for around 40 bucks

They are great gifts. Hide a little money in the doggy banks, and give them as gifts. 🙂 Or get one for yourself, too.

We have four of the most popular colors available for purchase through the links below.

These metallic balloon dog bank figurines are so stylish, affordable, and are great for decor, like maybe in a playroom..

Metallic Balloon Dog Bank Products for Sale

Try one of these metallic balloon dog figurine banks today, because they are so fun, metallic, and are sort of like shiny bling for a room!

They make really good centerpieces and accents for interior spaces, while also holding coins and paper money.

The ones in the pics below measure about one foot long and ten inches high. We also have a mini gold one available that is about half that size.

The inside of the balloon dog bank is completely hollow, so coins can go down into the legs, and up into the head and tail.

Also, it’s not hard to get the coins out, either…

Many people love the pink one, and it is the most popular one we have.  Anyways if you are interested, just click on the one you like!

gold metallic balloon dog bank

Gold Metallic Balloon Dog Figurine Bank – Buy now~!

pink metallic balloon dog figurine bank

Pink Metallic Balloon Dog Figurine Bank – Click here~!

red metallic balloon dog figurine bank

Red Metallic Balloon Dog Figurine Bank – Click~!

green metallic balloon dog figurine

Green Metallic Balloon Dog Figurine Bank – Buy here~!

Maybe get both the red and the green one for Christmas gifts or decorations.

By the way, there is a place underneath where you can remove the money as well. It’s just a little oval piece of plastic that is made to be taken off and put back on the bank.

So why not?

 Click Here to See all the Balloon Dog Figurine Banks for Sale

And there’s more in ^this list! 🙂

These things really are a hot item, and there are only a limited number of them left, so get yours here!

More on the whole Balloon Dog thing

They are based on Jeff Koons’ larger Balloon Dog sculpture that sold at auction for the most ever by a living artist at 58 million.

We also have some useful links here below to where you can buy real Jeff Koons Art and collectibles:

Original Jeff Koons Collectibles for Sale Here

Original Jeff Koons Balloon Dog for Sale Here

First, maybe you would like to find out more about art collecting: art as investment.

The following is an original poster from the 2015 Jeff Koons show in Paris at the Pompidou Center, which you can click on it to buy it or learn more…

metallic balloon dog figurine

This purchase came after a huge museum showing for Koons in 2015, with work spanning nearly 30 years.

His shows were in NYC (at the Whitney), Paris (at the Pompidou), and Barcelona (at the Guggenheim Bilbao).

The balloon sculptures he makes are based on the principle of how a breath of air can be an inspiration.

Plus balloon sculptures are really cool, they are ordinary things. Koons is known for taking everyday objects or things from pop culture, and turning them into works of art.

Why a dog?

Well, to begin with, the balloon animal basic shape is the same shape of this dog. Balloon artists simply extend different parts of the balloon to create different animals.

Dogs are usually excited to see people, and people have that association when they see they dog. There is implied motion, just because it’s supposed to be a dog.

Examples of other Jeff Koons art inspired by pop culture

The Jeff Koons BMW Racecar Design (google image search)

Learn more about or buy these products by clicking on them:

The cover art for Lady Gaga’s Album Art Pop

Lady GaGa Signed Artpop Record Album Certified Authentic PSA/DNA

Michael Jackson Sculpture:
koons michael jackson
JEFF KOONS – Artist AUTOGRAPH Signed 8×10 Photo w/ SKETCH

Hulk Elvis:
hulk elvis
Jeff Koons: Hulk Elvis: Hong Kong Edition by Philip Tinari (2016-03-01)

and much more. Visit to see all of his work.

More on the Balloon Dog

^This Rosegold Balloon dog is the same color as the larger one that sold at auction for 58 million dollars in 2015. This is an image link to an affordable one on Amazon. Click the image to buy!

With the balloon dog, he took an everyday balloon sculpture, made really big art, and put a metallic finish on it.

The purpose of the metallic finish is to create a reflection, and in the larger Koons balloon sculptures, you can actually see your reflection in the piece. This reflection aspect makes the entire viewing experience of the larger ones more personal because you see yourself when you look at the piece.

There is also a level of distortion in the reflection, which changes as you move around the sculpture. It’s almost like in a funhouse mirror.

More on Jeff Koons Art

Koons is more like the one who comes up with ideas. He may draw a simple sketch and then will let his team of over thirty artists create the work.

This practice is widespread among today’s contemporary artists, and they usually have someone else make the work for them, like with a team of people sometimes.

I have even heard of artists getting their assistants to make an immaculate masterpiece painting for the artist to then come in and scribble something with an oil stick or paint on the canvas.

Jeff Koons makes 2d and 3d visual art.

Here is a video of Jeff Koons in his studio:

Jeff Koons is known for making pop art, and he is one of the most successful pop artists today. That’s why his work is so highly collectible now.

Some say now, after his huge success with the Balloon Dog, that he is a balloon artist at heart.

Well, he does other stuff too, but first let’s look at some of his smaller Balloon Dog Sculptures:

Buy Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Sculptures Here

They are: Balloon Dog Red, Balloon Dog Blue, and Balloon Dog Yellow.
buy jeff koons balloon dog red
Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Red, 1995 – Cast porcelain coated with a reflective finish 10 inches in height 3 inches in depth

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Blue, 2003 – Cast porcelain coated with a reflective finish 10 inches in height 3 inches in depth

buy jeff koons balloon dog yellow original art
Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Yellow, 2015 – Cast porcelain coated with a reflective finish 10 inches in height 3 inches in depth

These are the primary colors for the dogs, just like in the google logo.

Anyways, they are real Jeff Koons Balloon Dogs artworks that you can buy now online by clicking on the images or links.

Other Koons Art besides the Balloon Sculptures

He makes art on skateboards, so check it out:

Another authentic piece we are showing here is the Jeff Koons Monkey Train Skateboard, which is a screenprint of the Monkey Train face on a skateboard.

buy jeff koons monkey train skateboard
Jeff Koons Monkey Train – Yellow, 2006 – Screenprint on Skateboard – Edition of 5 – Size : 31.69 x 8.07 x 0.39 in.

Jeff Koons Monkey Train – Orange, 2006 – Screenprint on Skateboard – Edition of 4 – Size : 31.69 x 8.07 x 0.39 in.

Aren’t these skateboards just great? They are wonderful, and before long, they are going to be worth a lot of money, so now is your chance to get one.

More Koons Links

Jeff Koons Signed Photos

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