Pillow Power

“Pillow power” is the power of pillows to enhance a space.

The power of a pillow (or pillows) on a sofa, chair, bench, or bed can be highly dramatic in a decorative sense.

A magical addition, pillows will enhance a room like no other addition can.

For years, we have used pillows as decorative accessories, but now more than ever they are being utilized for interior design.

They are used to give a boost to furniture that has become a bit tired and lacking excitement.

Nothing is more classy than a down pillow with the well-known “karate chop” to prove that it is “definitely down.”

Pillows can be trimmed out in various ways. Most common is a self cord, or contrast colored cords.

Braided Trim

With the introduction of braids to the industry, now a simple braid down the center or around the shape is possible.

Braids do not show wear and tear nearly as much as heavy fringe does.

Also, braid gives a stylish upscale fashion finish.

More on Pillow Power

If neutral fabrics are being utilized, it is a must to introduce a pop color or an animal print. This enhances the mundane neutrality.

pillow power

Now, too many pillows are sometimes an inconvenience. We understand that having too many pillows is not pillow power. It is just simply not functional because it is almost too much to have to move them every time the furniture is used.

However, having the right combination of pillows in just the right number can be pleasant, and can bring energy to otherwise dull furniture.

We are excited to offer what we know about “pillow power” to you. We can also provide an almost infinite range of pillow designs to you, our customer.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your time and interest. We are available to meet by appointment to find the perfect pillow combination for your home or office.

Contact us, or feel free to peruse our designers. You too can add a little “pillow power” to your interior spaces.

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