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pink bunny lamp

Everybody loves the Pink Bunny Rabbit lamp because it is so cute, and it’s pink!

pink lace bunny rabbit lamp

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Information on This Bunny Rabbit Lamp

It is a white bunny with a pink lace pattern painted on the bunny base, and the bunny is holding a piece of green cabbage.

It is all handmade and hand-painted, even the shade, and the shade is hand crafted right here in our lamp factory here in TN.

The bunny rabbit is made of porcelain, and a delicate pattern is painted on the surface of the bunny.

The rabbit is attached to a wooden base, and everything is extremely secure and stable.

The brass stem that supports the shade is attached to the wooden base, and it curves up and over the head of the bunny rabbit.

The lamp is 14″ by 14″ wide and long, and it is 22″ high. It weighs 7 lbs, and it takes a normal 60 watt bulb.

The shade on this lamp is a playful nursery rhyme toile pattern.

What is toile?

Bunny Rabbit as Symbol

Since ancient times, rabbits and bunnies have long been associated with spring and fertility.

Eostre, the ancient anglo-saxon Goddess of Spring, had a hare as her companion.

Later, Christians changed the symbol of the hare to what we now know as the Easter Bunny.

Some people think that the Easter Bunny got started in Pennsylvania in the 1700’s with the Germans. They told their children about an egg-laying rabbit called “Osterhase,” or “Oschter Haws.”

Kids made a nest where the creature could lay eggs, which then later became replaced w/ baskets, and candy and chocolates.

Rabbit as Symbol: Other Meanings

A rabbit in a home can also be a symbol of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, whereas rabbits consume mainly greens and vegetation.

Rabbits may be seen as related closely with the Earth, as they are low to the ground, and they live partially in the ground.

They are known to stay focused even within chaos, and are also known as “tricksters.” An example of this is bugs bunny. Rabbits stay one step ahead of their enemies.

Bunny rabbits can also teach us self worth, as most every rabbit perceives itself to be head of the pack, and we learn this from observing them.

More on Rabbit as Symbol.

Bunny Themed Nurseries

Since bunny rabbits are symbols for fertility and rebirth, bunny themed nurseries are popular among new and expecting mothers.

In nurseries with a bunny rabbit theme, it is a good idea to have a lot of stuffed bunny rabbits around, as well as a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit to read to your youngster.

You may also want to get some bunny rabbit pillows.

Perfect for nurseries and playrooms, the pink bunny rabbit lamp is an ideal choice when designing a room with babies and newborns in mind.

If you are interested in a bunny themed nursery, contact one of our designers to discuss the possibilities.

Famous Art with Bunny Rabbits

Probably the most famous depiction of a rabbit in European Art history is Albrecht Durer’s The Young Hare, which is currently located in a museum in Vienna, Austria. It is a highly realistic watercolor rendering of a young rabbit.

Another famous work of art with a rabbit in it is Titian’s Mary and Infant Jesus with a Rabbit, which now hangs in The Louvre in Paris.

Hans Hoffmann also did a painting in his early years called A Hare in the Forest. It is based on Durer’s earlier work, and now hangs in the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Bunny Lamp in the Keeping Room

This lamp would also work well in a keeping room, a comfortable room just off of the kitchen. Keeping rooms are becoming more and more popular among new homeowners and people who are building new homes.

In a keeping room, this lamp would be a great conversation piece, about which guests will probably ask you.

The Color Pink and it’s Associations

Pink has been associated with girls only since the industrial revolution in the 1880’s.

Pink as the main color associated with girls started as a marketing technique by big companies designed to make selling toys to girls easier.

The color looks good on girls too, and we’re sure that is part of the reason too.

More on the history of pink and blue color associations.

The Color Pink in Popular Culture

Pink Clothing Line by Victoria’s Secret.
-The Song by Aerosmith called Pink.
Pink the popular singer.
Pink Floyd

More Information on the Lamp

Perfect for any age, it might also look good in a sun room, in a playroom, or a keeping room.

This lamp is ideal for boutique display, or maybe for children’s store displays, like in toy stores.

This bunny lamp is hand painted with a pink lace style design as well, therefore, each one is slightly different.

If you are in need of a really cute pink bunny rabbit lamp, then this bunny rabbit lamp is probably for you.

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blue candlestick lamp

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Kids and adults alike all enjoy the vibrant red color of this popular lamp, especially those who love this color.

The red candlestick table lamp is a great economical choice because of the value and simplicity of design.

It is handmade in the US, and it is great for nurseries.

History on Nursery Rhymes

Since the shade has a nursery rhyme pattern, maybe we will talk a little bit about some of the origins of nursery rhymes.

Many, many nursery rhymes started in Great Britain as a response to political or social events of the day a few hundred years ago.

People made up these rhymes to avoid punishment, as direct political dissent was punishable by death.

So people made up these simple and fun rhymes to talk about world events in the 17th century or so.

Secret History of Nursery Rhymes

Little Bunny Foo Foo – Nursery Rhyme

A Little History on Lamps

Did you know that the first actual incandescent lamp prototype was made in 1802 by Sir Humphrey Davy?

It consisted of a thin strip of platinum used as the filament that was connected to a battery.

When the current passed through the filament, it heated up, and as a result, it emitted light.

It was not until the 1870’s when the first commercially suitable light-bulb was made by Thomas Edison and Sir Joseph Swann, independent of each other.

Without the work of people like Swann and Edison, we wouldn’t have cool stuff today like this pink bunny lamp above.

We found a really interesting website about the History of Lamps called


In conclusion, thank you for visiting the bunny rabbit lamp and other nursery lamps page on this site.

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