Sherlene Kirk

Sherlene Kirk is a wonderful and talented designer here at Yessick’s with many years of design experience. She is an outstanding interior designer on our team.

In Sherlene Kirk’s own words:

Yessicks_017_BWI love working with clients who have a small idea of what they want and give me the freedom to transform their space into something of which they have dreamed. I enjoy the opportunity to take an empty space, and all of the possibilities that entails, and transform it into a magnificent visual display; with a refined, suitable, and functional design approach that responds to the client’s own needs.

-Sherlene Kirk

Examples of Sherlene’s Work:

Here are some before and after photos of Sherlene Kirk’s latest work.

It’s a children’s study, and Sherlene did a great job with bringing organization capabilities, color, and life to the room.


This^ is the before photo of what the desks looked like when we arrived..


Afterwards, with ample lighting, and vibrant colors, the room becomes a functional and collaborative environment for the kids to prosper, and enjoy time during their studies.


^An after photo of the window, with a relaxing and comfortable seating area with custom furniture including ottoman and sofa, as well as custom pillows.


This^ is a before photo of the wall where the sofa was placed.


And after… The letters were a good way to bring a personal touch to the room…

Sherlene Kirk – Designer


An artistic and intriguing photo illustrating some of Sherlene’s creative abilities.


Sherlene Kirk can create luxurious and tranquil interior spaces such as these.

Bed Canopy – Before and After

sherlene kirk

^This is a before photo of a room that she worked on recently.

sherlene kirk

The canopy over the bed was a wonderful solution for this space.

Beautiful, comfortable, productive, and peaceful interiors are her specialty.

We highly recommend Sherelene, as she is one of our top designers, and has been for years.

Sherlene Kirk is an experienced designer who is friendly, and will with work with you to make your home more beautiful, thus enhancing the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Contact Us to set up an appointment with Sherlene Kirk today!



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