Foyer Design Importance

Do you realize that the foyer is the first impression a guest has of your home?  We expect a lot from this humble space.   It must provide storage, withstand heavy traffic and be beautiful, impressive and functional.  That’s why, here at Yessick’s we always pay special attention to our client’s foyers.


This is the place to splurge on a fabulous wallpaper, maybe even a mural, one that has a real “WOW” factor.  Next add a statement mirror.   We carry exclusive, very unusual mirrors that truly do make a statement. We are especially fond of oversized mirrors in a small foyer…a statement in itself.  Not only is a mirror in a foyer very useful for checking your appearance one last time before you leave your home, it visually enlarges the space.  A round mirror will soften the linear lines of a narrow foyer and a mirror creates the illusion of a lighter, brighter space.  


Next add a beautiful chest, console or table and a fabulous lamp to provide a soft light in evening hours and to give guests a warm welcome as they enter your home.  If space permits, adding an upholstered chair gives a softening effect to a space that doesn’t usually have the benefit of upholstery.  


Does your foyer check all the boxes listed in this article?  If not, please call our showroom to make an appointment with one of our designers who can make your foyer the “jewel” of your home.

Winter Home

The holidays are over and it’s time to “reset” our homes for the wintery days ahead.  This is the time we most want comfort, coziness, and relaxation.  There are many ways you can soften your space.  For instance, this is the time to bring out (or add) beautiful, luxurious throws and pillows.  Faux fur is a wonderful option for the winter months and creates a restful vibe.  For serene colors consider blues or greens.  Both these colors are relaxing and remind us of nature….skies, water and trees or forests and provide a beautiful soft winter aesthetic.  


Another important thing to add to your winter rooms is a pleasant scent.  Candles can check off several boxes including creating a soft ambiance and adding a wonderful, soothing smell to a room.


Refreshing your room with new and interesting accessories can also be a boost for winter months.  Just remember that accessories are the “jewels” of a room and require special consideration.  Our talented designers at Yessick’s are experts at this and can find beautiful statement accessories to make your room shine during the winter months.


Call or visit our showroom soon to discuss a design reset with one of our designers!

New Year - New Resolutions

All the stress and excitement of the holidays are over so it’s time to relax and start the New Year off right!


Psychologists tell us that messy home environments add to our daily stress but designing a home that is relaxing can be challenging and often homeowners end up creating more clutter in their attempt to design their own spaces.  Following are some tips we have for making your home more relaxing.


  1. Declutter.  This alone will immediately make you more relaxed.  Many pieces of furniture now have storage options….an ottoman can often store items you do not want out for everyone to see.
  2. Furniture.  Make sure you wisely select your seating.  Nothing creates a soothing environment more than soft, comfortable sofas and chairs.
  3. Correct Lighting.  This is where a homeowner often struggles most.  Overhead lighting can be harsh and the correct lamp can create a cozy atmosphere.  In addition, a lamp can be a beautiful accessory for your space.  Win-Win!
  4. Candles.  Not only will the soft glow of a candle provide a calm and soothing mood it will also provide a luxurious smell.
  5. Accessories.  Accessories are the jewels or the final touch to a space.  This is something that needs very careful consideration and where a professional designer is most helpful.  They instinctively know the accessories and art that will make your home beautiful, relaxing and special.


 Our designers are experts at all of the above points and would love the opportunity to meet with you and transport your home into a beautiful, relaxing and cozy space for 2023.   Please call today and make an appointment.

Pillow Talk

Decorating with throw pillows may seem like a small thing in a space but nothing is further from the truth.  Never underestimate the power of a pillow.  Nothing elevates a home and gives a big punch like pillows.  


A few large pillows look cleaner than a jumble of smaller ones so “Go BIG”!  Here at Yessick’s we custom design and make our own pillows and most have feather/down inserts for extra softness and comfort.  We usually recommend sizes 20” to 24” but we also have oblong or kidney pillows which are excellent for nestling in the back of narrow chairs.


Our workroom has just completed a large array of beautiful pillows including some lovely embroidered Christmas pillows which make wonderful gifts this time of year.  And as always, we welcome the opportunity to create custom pillows for your home…..just come in and talk with one of our talented designers who will help you select a fabric and begin your journey to update your home.  


We look forward to seeing you soon.

It's Fall Y'all
Let's Cozy Up Our Homes

The colors of the season (earthy browns, golds, cinnamon, amber and rust) will automatically warm up your home.  You don’t have to go all-out with these colors; small pops of autumn colors will make your home sing the season!


Soft furnishings like throws and pillows in cozy fabrics like velvet and chenille can add instant warmth to a space.  Don’t forget the candles!  Cinnamon, pumpkin, mulberry or other fall scents are so welcoming in a home.


Nothing says autumn and winter like a fireplace and a mantel “redo” is the way to go.  Since a fireplace is always a focal point in a space it’s the first thing someone notices when they enter a room so make sure your mantel décor is statement-worthy with beautiful accessories.


If your style is monochromatic and color is not your “thing”, your home can still reflect the season by adding lots of texture.  In addition to pillows and throws you can add other textures such as baskets and wood or natural accessories.


Don’t panic—remember our talented designers are experts at adding all the right touches to your home for any season, especially this fall.  Call or come by to book an appointment.

White, White, Everything White

If you, like multitudes of other homeowners went with the all-white scheme in the last few years and you now see and hear that color is definitely back in interior design, do not despair!  We have solutions for you.


Do not fear, monochromatic color schemes and predominately white interiors will never be “out of style”.  White is timeless, elegant and classic.  The secret is what you do with it.  The first thing we tell our clients is to warm or soften the white.  Here at Yessick’s we incorporate several shades of white with milky white being one of our favorites. Mix white, off-white and cream to add dimension to a space.   


Texture is your friend in a white-on-white design.  This is the element that makes the space feel warm and inviting.   Pops of color or darker neutrals can then be added to make the design more dimensional.   FYI, our designers are the very best at adding the right amount of texture and color to a space.  


I hope this will help you work with and love your white interiors and as always, we will be happy to assist you with any design decisions you are ready to tackle.  Call or reach out to us with any questions you have.

Monochromatic Design

Monochromatic rooms are having a moment. Start by choosing one base color for your space then add different shades, tones and tints of that color. This creates a soothing, calm environment. Paint the ceiling, molding and walls the same color using saturated hues. 


Monochromatic means one color, BUT, we all know rules are made to be broken.  So, try adding a statement piece (perhaps a sofa) in a saturated, contrasting color to add visual interest and surprise.  Use a mix of classic and modern furnishings……the perfect mix!


When using a monochromatic color scheme, you need to use a variety of textures; it’s the most important element in a monochromatic room.  This creates contrast and keeps the room from feeling flat. Think nubby fabrics, varying woods, metals and gloss and matt finishes to add a layer of depth and dimension.  Accessories are also an important part of this design style; make them unique and outstanding. 


We hope you have enjoyed this short article on the monochromatic design style.  It sounds simple but it can be very challenging to bring to fruition.  That’s where we as professional interior designers can step in to make your design as beautiful as it is functional.  Please call or come by our showroom to speak with a designer or make an appointment.

The Rules of Rugs

A rug can do so many things for a space; it can anchor a room, define a room, add warmth and texture, or actually be the focal point.  There are so many rugs on the market today that it can be very confusing to clients and homeowners.  


A rug is “art for the floor” and always a good place to start the interior design for a room.  A few rules apply to selecting a rug for a space.  Most important is size……..a rug too large or too small can ruin the appearance, proportion and balance of a space.  Special rules apply for rugs in a dining room; the rug must be large enough to accommodate the chairs when they are pulled away from the table.  

Some people want a luxury,  handmade rug that will someday become a family heirloom but most clients today want a durable, easily cleanable but beautiful rug that the entire family; adults, children and pets can enjoy.  This is why we carry a large selection of easy-care, synthetic rugs that will fit anyone’s style and budget from contemporary to traditional and everything between.   We also carry a beautiful line of natural fiber sisal, seagrass and jute rugs which can even be custom sized for any room. 

Since a rug is a large part of the design it’s important to “get it right” and our designers here at Yessick’s are experts in this field.  Please call or come by our Broad Street location to speak with or make an appointment for a designer to assist in your rug selection.


Love Your Home - Love Your Life

It’s a proven fact that when we are comfortable and happy in our environment we are indeed emotionally healthier. Our everyday surroundings have a powerful impact on our moods and emotions. It also goes the other way………….your mood is often reflected in your space or home.  


So what is your mood or your home saying about you?  There’s no denying that we feel better or happier when we walk into a clean, beautiful home with great lighting and design.  Call today and let us take your home from Depressing to Impressing!!!

The “In’s and Out’s” of 2022

2022 takes inspiration from nature bringing a calm, serene presence into our homes, something we all need and want after the past couple of years in a pandemic. 


 You can expect to see lots of delicate greens, dusty blues and earth tones in interior design this year.  These colors are timeless and will look modern for years to come. You can still expect to see neutral colors that connect spaces throughout the house but gone are gray and whites with cool purple and blue undertones.  Instead, expect to see softer “greige” and warm whites.….cool tones are out and warm ones are in.  


Darker hues such as chocolate browns, camels and caramels will be added as accents.  These are deep neutrals that exude a timeless, elegant vibe to a space.  Leather sofas and chairs in rich, earth tones will offset the softer, neutral colors in a room and develop a beautiful patina over time. Designer tip:  try painting your walls and trim in the same color.  This will make your accessories and textiles pop!


Here at Yessick’s our designers devote their time to following, but not being tied to, the latest trends and products on the market.  We strive to be as up-to-date as possible on all things pertaining to interior design and will give your home our utmost attention.  Please call or come by our showroom to make an appointment to have a designer assess your home and design needs.

First Things First

Homeowners often try to decorate a space on their own, purchasing items that end up not fitting their spaces or complementing their homes.  They end up with messes or fragmented spaces that are not versatile or livable.  

Here at Yessick’s we focus on creating spaces our clients can’t wait to come home to—one that weaves together functionality with timeless decor.  We love a good, current trend as well as the next designer BUT we don’t live by trends. We take special pride in designing spaces that are classic, timeless and above all……….functional.  That is very important to both us and our clients.  Knowing where to start is the most important thing and that’s where many homeowners especially need our help. 


Designer Tips For Decorating Your Home

*Start with a Good Color Scheme

Believe it or not, a good place to start in choosing a color scheme for your home is by looking in your closet!  What color or colors do you most often find yourself wearing?  We tend to buy clothes in shades that suit our personalities and tastes. 

*Choose Quality over Quantity

Quality always matters.  Impulse buys of inexpensive furniture and accessories most often results in disappointment and having to replace those items in the near future.  

*Place Art at the Proper Height

Nothing is more unsettling than a piece of art that is hung too high or too low.  There are rules of course as to the correct height for art but as in all things, rules are made to be broken IF done properly. This is where a talented interior designer is most valuable.  They instinctively know where and how to hang artwork.  

*Use Correct Lighting

Rooms need several types of lighting.  Overhead, table or floor lamps and accent lighting are necessary in all rooms.

*Vertical Lines

All spaces need both horizontal and vertical lines.  Horizontal lines are easy…….sofas, chairs and tables create the horizontal lines.  It’s the vertical lines that are sometimes challenging for homeowners.   A designer will add vertical artwork, draperies to the ceiling and bookcases or tall furniture to give your room the proper proportion.

*Use Contrast in Texture 

Be aware of the finishes in your rooms and add in the necessary items to accomplish a balance of textures.  Nubby sofa pillows, velvets, leather upholstery, exposed brick………all of these items bring in different textures and again, a designer knows how to balance these textures.


Interior design is an art and most people aren’t artist.  That’s why our designers at Yessick’s exist……………to design spaces to make the most of our client’s hard earned money and to give them the best environment possible.  Interior design mistakes can be the most expensive mistakes you will make and good design decisions will be well worth the money.  We hope your next decision will be to call us!  We will be ready and waiting.


What Is Your Design Style?

We find that clients often don’t really know “their” design style….do you fall into this category?  Today, we will look at a very popular style-Transitional design.  


Transitional design is a blend of traditional and contemporary; it’s the “sweet spot” between the two design styles.  It is an elegant style that is timeless, sophisticated, polished and always looks fresh and current.  It has many of the traditional aspects but appears more modern in its appearance.   Accessories are kept to a minimum but are outstanding and statement worthy.  Furniture is less bold than contemporary design with softer, classic lines.  Many times antiques are mixed in which gives a room an even more refined look.   Colors are usually minimal and more neutral with a limited amount of accent colors.  Window treatments will be simple and crisp like the clean, classic panels that are so popular right now.  The saying “less is more” definitely applies to transitional design.  


It can be hard to strike the right balance when trying to attain this style and takes careful thought and more often than not, a talented designer.  The finished look is worth it however.  You will have a space that is personal and speaks to you.


So….does transitional design sound like your style?  If so, please call or come by our showroom and let us “lead the way” to your new design!

New Year, New Colors

After so many years of cool gray and bright white, we see clients now wanting warmth, coziness and color in their homes.  After a couple of years of quarantine and uncertainty due to Covid, we are craving a feeling of safety and comfort in our homes and our design decisions are reflecting that.  

Green is a color that almost everyone likes and relates to. It’s timeless and works well with natural elements and neutrals.  You will see many shades this year from silvery sage greens to warm olives.   Green is a wonderful color to build a room around…. it de-stresses, revitalizes and brings the outdoors in. Texture will also play a big part in our designs this year, look for it in upholstery fabrics as well as accessories. 

As with most design decisions it’s amazing how quickly color selections can go wrong but you don’t have to worry about that!  That’s where our expert designers at Yessick’s come in.  We welcome you to call or come by and make an appointment with us soon to discuss your “New Year—New Design”.

Let's Decorate for Christmas!!

Today let’s go over a few tried and true ideas for decorating your home for Christmas.  

  • Start with the obvious—declutter your home before attempting to put out all the festive decorations.  You want your beautiful Christmas décor to stand out and that’s hard to do in an already cluttered space.   
  • Place a wreath with a beautiful bow in every window… just says Christmas and is so welcoming.  
  • Put your TV on the Yule Log channel (it’s so warm and cozy but won’t heat up your room!).  This is especially nice when you have a get together with friends and family.
  • Fill your home with candles; it creates a wonderful ambiance along with filling your home with a lovely aroma (we already have out a great selection of Christmas candles and potpourri in our showroom).   
  • Instead of pilling all your beautifully gift wrapped presents under the tree this year, try displaying some of them in an unusual way.  Place a few near the fireplace, on pretty chairs, on tables or in large baskets.   
  • If you have large candlesticks try topping them with beautiful eye-catching ornaments instead of candles.  
  • Use your backyard (or your neighbor’s) for your live greenery.  Holly branches and magnolia leaves are easy to come by this time of year and make a beautiful arrangement on mantles or table centerpieces.  Layering different types of greenery is the key.  
  • Drape your sofa with a cozy, warm Christmas themed throw and add on the pillows (something else we have an abundance in our showroom right now)!


Hopefully these are some tips you can use in decorating your home this year and as always, we here at Yessick’s wish for you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!!

Fall Is Here Y'all

Fall is finally here and it’s time to come inside our homes and cozy up our interiors for a long winter’s nap.  Nothing is more inviting in fall than bright orange pumpkins and pots of fall flowers arranged on our porches or stoops.


Warm colors are making a big comeback.  Watch for soft earthy tones of brown, beiges and deep cream colors.  For the past few years grey was the neutral color du jour but it’s now warm beige or cream (not pure white). 


Curves in furniture, mirrors and artwork are now replacing boxy shapes and straight lines.  Think plump, cushy sofas and chairs.


Wallpaper, once a thing of the past is now the newest thing to do.  It is considered art for the wall.  There are so many types of wallpaper available today that it’s easy to fall in love with one.


As we predicted in a recent blog post, clients now are embracing the classic elegance of black and white.  If you are not yet ready to commit to color, go this route.  You cannot go wrong!  Black and white patterns, prints and accessories are here to stay….it is now and has always been a classic.


Call or come by our Broad Street location soon and let one of our designers help you FALL in love with your home!


The New "Normal"

Prior to COVID we all lived so differently; we seemed to always be on the go.  In the past year, we have had to learn how to shelter at home and are now enjoying our homes more than ever.  We are paying more attention to our homes and now realize how important our family, friends and environment is.  As the saying goes……Home is Where the Heart Is.  We now realize how true that is!


We are seeing our client’s being more thoughtful in their purchases. More homeowners are turning to interior designers to help them create beautiful, mindful spaces they will enjoy for a long time.  Gone are the days where most people just carelessly bought things to fill their rooms and then discarded them almost as quickly.  They now want better quality, beautiful items that have meaning and longevity.  


Our mission here at Yessick’s is for our clients to have the home they have always dreamed of; one in which they can be proud to entertain their family and friends.  We are here to make that dream come true!


Please call or come by our showroom to make an appointment with one of our designers-we are at your disposal!


Accent furniture and accessories complete your home.  They can turn an ordinary space or room into an extraordinary one.  Furniture such as tables, chairs, beds and sofas are the basic pieces a room needs but accents are the pieces than connect all the items in a room, determining the style of the room and adding that special, visual element.  These pieces make your room interesting and add character.  Accent pieces should be timeless, personal and they do not have to “match” the rest of the house.  You want those items to stand out!  Let’s talk about some items that can be the accent pieces in your home.


The foyer is an excellent place for an accent piece, either furniture or accessory.  A large mirror, a special chest or a beautiful lamp can be the accent.


Small tables make wonderful accents in any room.  They must be eye-catching, made from unconventional materials or have strong or unusual lines.


Chairs with a strong profile or outstanding upholstery can be the very piece that shines in your room.


Large floor pillows are an example of a statement item that can bring diversity and add extra seating options.  Here at Yessick’s we custom design and make beautiful floor pillows.  


As you can imagine, the list goes on and on.  The important thing to remember is that the accent pieces in your rooms need to be chosen with great thought and deliberation.  Our designers here at Yessick’s understand how important this aspect of the design process is and we are at your disposal.  All you have to do is call or come by our showroom and we will be ready to start this wonderful journey with you!



Black Is Back!

When clients ask us what’s new in design we always have an answer and this time it’s “black is back”.  Well…………we all know black has never been “out” but now it’s back more than ever and in totally new ways.  In interior design black is intended to evoke positive thoughts and feelings.  


The latest thing is embracing the classic elegance of black and white; think black accent furniture, lighting fixtures, mirrors and accessories.  Using black as a contrast in a neutral room automatically creates a crisp, classic look; one that is elegant, sophisticated and stylish.  Another wonderful thing about black is that it looks equally wonderful with gold or silver.


Consider painting your front door black.  It immediately adds curb appeal and an elegant look to your home.  You may want to paint your mantel or bookcases black (or maybe just the inside of the bookcases…then watch your beautiful accessories “pop”)!   Both will create a strong focal point and add visual weight to a room. 


Nothing is more dramatic than adding black to an entryway or foyer.   A beautiful black based wallpaper creates excitement and drama as soon as your guests enter your home.


The best way, however, to add black into your home décor is to have an expert professional do it for you.  Here is where our talented designers come in.  They know all the ways to add black in exactly the right places and amounts to assure your home will be extraordinary, beautiful and one you, your family and guests will be amazed by!


Call or come by our showroom soon!

The Importance of Statement Pieces

A statement piece is any item in your home that immediately draws and holds your attention.  It adds personality and character to a space simply by its uniqueness.  It should be something you love and plan to live with for a long time.  Statement pieces set the tone for your space.  The following are items that can be the statement pieces in your home.


A mirror can serve several purposes.  It adds brightness and light and makes a space appear larger than it is.  A beautiful mirror can easily be your statement piece.  Try leaning a large floor mirror against a wall for a huge impact.


A special piece of furniture can make a wonderful statement.  But beware, a unique chair is a beautiful thing to behold but when selecting furniture always consider functionality; an uncomfortable chair, no matter how attractive, is not a good decision.  


Wallpaper is becoming more popular and there are so many beautiful ones on the market.  Powder rooms especially can turn into statements simply by the wallpaper.

Art and Accessories

Art and accessories are always the finishing touches in a room and a unique piece of art can be mesmerizing.  It’s the one item that doesn’t need to match anything.  In its uniqueness, it stands on its own.  Make it big, bold and something that you are in awe of.


A beautiful rug can make a statement without taking up any space!  It’s truly “art for the floor”.  

Now that you know the importance of statement pieces we invite you to call and have one of our talented designers make a statement in your home!

Is Your Bedroom in Need of a Redo?

Now, more than ever in recent times, our homes need to be oriented toward comfort and usability.  Our bedrooms especially should be a place of rest and relaxation.  If, when lying in bed, you have to look at tired and dated décor you will automatically feel stressed.  Clutter is not a good thing in your bedroom and that alone can cause stress.  De-stress by at least a partial update.  New linens, bedding and a few updated accessories such as lamps, mirrors or artwork can be all it will take to make a huge difference in the appearance an ambiance of your bedroom. 

While we are on the subject…..beds are not made for sitting on!  Consider investing in a lovely upholstered chair or chaise.  Selecting a fabric that will complement the bedding and draperies can be a wonderful focal point in your room.  Luxury bed linens are exactly that, a luxury, and something that never goes out of style.  Here at Yessick’s we pride ourselves on our beautiful custom, made to order fine linens with beautiful bandings, hem stitching and even monograms. 

Come by or call us to have a designer meet with you and take your bedroom from frumpy to fabulous!

Spring Into Spring!

Spring is a great excuse for sprucing up our homes and this can be done in many ways.

Start by doing some serious decluttering and spring cleaning.  Purge unnecessary items and give away or donate any items you no longer need, want or have an emotional attachment to.  Here at Yessick’s our designers refer to this as “editing” our spaces.  A room can be completely transformed with new, updated accessories such as lamps, art, upholstery or even reupholstery—-which we also do!

If you really want to “go Spring” in your décor try adding pastels and bright accents.  Pastels and Spring go hand in hand.  They create an airy, tranquil environment which is so needed in our lives after the year we have all been through.  Our designers have been using beautiful light, airy wallpapers in client’s powder rooms, bathrooms and foyers getting great feedback on how it has changed the entire atmosphere of homes.

If a neutral décor is your thing, spring is a great time to do a “color pop”.  Infusing a space with colorful pillows and accessories can add new life to your neutral rooms.

Hopefully these few tips will be helpful to you and as always, we invite you to call or come by and we will do all the work for you.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beautiful new environment we are known for creating.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Importance of Window Treatments

Most homeowners focus on the furnishings, accessories and wall color in a room BUT if you let your window treatments become an afterthought, your room will be a total design failure.

No room is ever complete until it has a functional window treatment, be it draperies, roman shades, blinds, shutters etc.  Window treatments not only provide beauty, they can add softness to a room, provide privacy and manage light control.  This is the one design aspect best left to an expert interior designer.

Window treatment options are limitless and here at Yessick’s we pride ourselves on being known for our beautiful, unique custom draperies.   We invite you to call or come by our showroom and make an appointment with one of our talented designers who will give your windows the treatment they deserve!

Let Your Home Make a Statement!

How do you make sure your home is “statement worthy”?  Here at Yessick’s we think the best way to do this is to splurge on “statement pieces” such as sofas, rugs, dining room tables and cocktail tables. These are the pieces that have the ability to add a sense of luxury to your home.   Even one unique, quality item can set the tone for your entire home. 

Another way to make a statement is by introducing  patterns and textures into a room.   Mixing and layering patterns can be tricky and is best done by a professional.   It’s all about balance and scale and proportion. 

Remember to always pay special attention to the lighting in your room.  A beautiful chandelier, light fixture or lamp can make the statement.

When all is said and done, a well-designed room is a statement all on its own.  Quality furnishings combined with well chosen accessories and accents will always result in a beautifully designed room.  We invite you to come by or call us and one of our talented designers will be glad to help you make your home into the best it can be!                                                                                                  

The Importance of a Designer

Selecting furniture, experimenting with paint swatches and placing artwork, are a few of the hundreds of small decisions that go into styling the perfect space. The slightest misjudgment such as hanging artwork at a wrong level or choosing paint in a wrong finish, can have a surprising expensive, negative effect on a room.

The designers at Yessick’s are highly educated and trained in every aspect of design and pride themselves on “getting it exactly right”, no matter how large or small the design task.  

Now that the holidays are soon approaching, we invite you to call and make an appointment to meet with one of our designers to make your home the perfect inviting space it can be.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Downsizing and Doing It Right

There are many reasons for downsizing your living quarters.  Maybe you recently became an “empty nester” or maybe you have gone through a major life change.  Maybe you have simply decided that it’s now time to scale down and have a home that requires less upkeep and maintenance.  There are many reasons that you may no longer want or need a large house.

Well, we have good news for you…………you CAN downsize to a smaller living space and still have a beautiful and welcoming home.  Downsizing can be rewarding and freeing but it can also be very daunting.  This is where a professional designer comes in by guiding you to make wise design decisions. 

Designers have a lot of tricks up their sleeve like, using mirrors to make small spaces seem much larger than they are…or recommending you use a small desk at the foot of your bed instead of a bench….much more practical!  A good designer knows that light, even-toned painted rooms fool the eye into thinking they are larger than they really are; you just have to know exactly which paint colors to choose.   It may sound counterintuitive but using a few large scale furnishing (rather than a lot of small pieces) can actually make a space feel larger and more grand!   These are just a few of the designer’s tricks of the trade that can take your small space, whether it’s an apartment or small condo, into a little jewel of a home. The designers at Yessick’s are experts at all this and more!

Call or come by today and make an appointment, we look forward to hearing from you.

What's New In the Bedroom


Your bedroom is your sanctuary—or it should be.  Instead, so many homeowners find themselves at the end of the day in a room that is a sad mix of dated décor, clutter, and unattractive exercise equipment.   The bedroom is supposed to be a place of rest, relaxation and romance; a serene environment to end your day and begin the next!  


Get ready, it’s time to devote some serious attention to your bedroom and the designers at Yessick’s are the absolute experts at this.   We see homeowners returning to beautiful, well-made furniture, custom draperies and bedding.  Bed skirts are making a big comeback.  Ours are handmade in our own workroom and are tailored (not gathered or ruffled like the ones from years past), and are the finest bed skirts found anywhere.  Bed skirts also serve a very practical purpose…..they hide your under-bed storage.  Our workroom also makes custom bedding….coverlets, lightweight comforters, or duvet covers and pillows.


“As the days begin to get shorter, we will find ourselves spending more and more time in our bedrooms.  Let us transform your bedroom into your very own personal sanctuary. “

Call us and make an appointment today to discuss your needs!


Accessories - The Jewels of a Space

Accessories play a very important role in a design.  A room that is not accessorized is incomplete—the accessories MAKE the room.  Walls without art work are simply plain and unfinished.  In the same respect, beautiful wood or tile floors are wonderful but without a rug, the seating arrangement is not grounded.  Lamps not only add style and often color, they are necessary for ambient lighting.  This is where we, as designers, add the finishing touches and bring our clients personality into the space.

There is a fine balance however.  Too many accessories can make a room feel cluttered and lacking focus but the correct accessories placed creatively can give the room balance and style.  Accessories can be found to fit any budget and a good designer will know where to cut costs and where to spend more to accommodate the client’s taste and priorities and give the room a WOW factor. 

Accessories cannot be overlooked in a room………they will make or break your design.  We hope you will allow the Yessick’s team to guide you in your next project!


Uncertain Times - Certain Updates

In response to Coronavirus and these uncertain times, our relationship with our homes have undergone a complete change.  Since we are all spending the majority of our “off” time at home, it has become more important to have a serene and comfortable environment.  Suddenly everyone is realizing the importance of a beautiful, comfortable and peaceful home.   In short, clients are wanting and needing more from their homes.  Thus, a few updates are in order.

A complete redo or make-over of your home is not always necessary.  There are many small ways to make your home more comfortable and inviting such as:

  • Layering your lighting.  This can easily be accomplished by adding lamps.  Don’t rely on overhead lights alone.  Yessick’s is known for supplying our clients with beautiful, unique lamps.  And don’t forget candles!  They can go a long way in creating a cozy ambiance to any room.  We have a selection of candles that are sure to please anyone and right now we have selected candles marked 20% off!
  • Consider a luxurious rug for your floor.  Nothing softens a room and adds comfort like a beautiful rug.  We have wonderful rugs at all price points.   It’s important to get the right size for your space though, so rely on a professional designer to guide you on this.  
  • Think pillows and throws!  These accents are one of the first things visitors see when they enter your family room.  Our custom workroom can make any pillow, any size.  We are now offering custom monogramming for our pillows. Beautiful, well-made pillows or a cozy throw can completely change the look of your existing sofa.  
  • Updating your coffee table.  A coffee table is the centerpiece of your room and demands attention.  Coffee tables don’t have to “match” the other tables in your room and can be a unique, statement piece.  Yessick’s specializes in providing our clients with special tables that reflect their personality and needs.

These are just a few of the small ways in which your home can be made not only beautiful, but inviting and comfortable.  Our designers are experts at “doing it all and doing it well”.  Call today and speak with us to get your home on its way to becoming the place where you and your family will enjoy spending time.  No project is too small or too large for us.

It's Time To Fall In Love With Your Home

Fall is here and it’s the favorite season for a lot of people.  It’s a time to nest and get cozy in our homes for the next few months.  Since most of us are spending more time than usual in our homes it makes sense to improve and update our spaces and the fall season is the perfect time to do this.

A current design color trend is embracing earth tones. Olive Green, Yellow Ochre and Burnt Orange are colors that bring warmth and comfort and also a connection to the outdoors.  Furniture and accessories can also be a connection to nature and bring a calming feeling, it’s like bringing the outside in.  Research has shown that incorporating natural elements into our homes reduces stress and can even lower blood pressure levels and heart rates.  So using natural materials like wood, stone and metals, incorporating earth tones and using images of nature can not only make a beautiful environment but also be good for our health.  

Call our showroom today and make an appointment with one of our designers who will be glad to discuss your design needs and help you “fall in love” with your home.

How can Yessick’s help you bring the outdoors inside?

A New Normal and a New Showroom

There may not be a lot to cheer about during this pandemic BUT we at Yessick’s are very excited about our new showroom located at 2700 Broad Street, Suite 132!  We are open daily from 9:30 am till 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday to help you with all your decorating needs and to supply you with gifts for the special ones in your life.  


All Arthur Court items are now on sale at 20% off and our new shipment of candles and potpourri are the “talk of the town”.  Everyone, absolutely everyone, loves the Tuscan Currant and Crepe Myrtle fragrances.  That is one gift that is sure to please anyone on your list and our candles come in keepsake containers which makes them even more special.


We invite you to stop by soon and visit our beautiful, trendy showroom and browse our special gift items.  We remain committed to keeping our showroom open and safe for our customers and clients.

Check out the photos below to see what Yessick’s new showroom has to offer! Decor changes seasonally, so there will always be fresh designs on display.  

Cheers To Yellow!


In these trying times we all need to be uplifted and one of the best ways to do that in interior design is with color!  The color yellow is associated with joy, cheerfulness, happiness and hope.  


Depending on the saturation, yellow can be fun and playful or elegant and sophisticated.  The softer, more subdued the shade, the more formal or elegant the room will be.  Think of putting it in your living room or dining room.   A brighter shade is perfect for a sunroom, kitchen or bathroom.  The possibilities are endless!


We invite you to visit our new showroom located at 2700 Broad Street to meet with one of our talented designers who can help you make your home come alive with this truly beautiful color.


Reopening and a Big Reveal

Hint…a New Showroom

Yessick’s Design is happy and proud to announce our “reopening” which we will be doing June 1st with utmost caution and awareness of our client’s health and safety.

You will now be able to find us at our new showroom located at 2700 Broad Street, Ste 132.  This showroom will feature the beautiful furniture and unique gifts and accessories for which Yessick’s has always been known. We will continue to use our previous location at 2613 Broad Street for client consultations and conferencing.  

During this time of social distancing and isolation many people have taken time to reevaluate their lives and priorities and have found that their homes, their “safe place” is a very important part of their lives.  Yessick’s will make sure your home or office is your HAPPY PLACE.

We invite you to come by and see us soon.  Our designers and staff are ready and waiting to see you!

The Story Behind PopIt

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