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Fall Is Here Y’all

Fall Is Here Y’all

Fall is finally here and it’s time to come inside our homes and cozy up our interiors for a long winter’s nap.  Nothing is more inviting in fall than bright orange pumpkins and pots of fall flowers arranged on our porches or stoops.

Warm colors are making a big comeback.  Watch for soft earthy tones of brown, beiges and deep cream colors.  For the past few years grey was the neutral color du jour but it’s now warm beige or cream (not pure white). 

Curves in furniture, mirrors and artwork are now replacing boxy shapes and straight lines.  Think plump, cushy sofas and chairs.

Wallpaper, once a thing of the past is now the newest thing to do.  It is considered art for the wall.  There are so many types of wallpaper available today that it’s easy to fall in love with one.

As we predicted in a recent blog post, clients now are embracing the classic elegance of black and white.  If you are not yet ready to commit to color, go this route.  You cannot go wrong!  Black and white patterns, prints and accessories are here to stay….it is now and has always been a classic.

Call or come by our Broad Street location soon and let one of our designers help you FALL in love with your home!