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Let Your Home Make a Statement!

Let Your Home Make a Statement!

How do you make sure your home is “statement worthy”?  Here at Yessick’s we think the best way to do this is to splurge on “statement pieces” such as sofas, rugs, dining room tables and cocktail tables. These are the pieces that have the ability to add a sense of luxury to your home.   Even one unique, quality item can set the tone for your entire home. 

Another way to make a statement is by introducing  patterns and textures into a room.   Mixing and layering patterns can be tricky and is best done by a professional.   It’s all about balance and scale and proportion. 

Remember to always pay special attention to the lighting in your room.  A beautiful chandelier, light fixture or lamp can make the statement.

When all is said and done, a well-designed room is a statement all on its own.  Quality furnishings combined with well chosen accessories and accents will always result in a beautifully designed room.  We invite you to come by or call us and one of our talented designers will be glad to help you make your home into the best it can be!