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The New “Normal”

The New “Normal”

Prior to COVID we all lived so differently; we seemed to always be on the go.  In the past year, we have had to learn how to shelter at home and are now enjoying our homes more than ever.  We are paying more attention to our homes and now realize how important our familyfriends and environment is.  As the saying goes……Home is Where the Heart Is.  We now realize how true that is!

We are seeing our client’s being more thoughtful in their purchases. More homeowners are turning to interior designers to help them create beautiful, mindful spaces they will enjoy for a long time.  Gone are the days where most people just carelessly bought things to fill their rooms and then discarded them almost as quickly.  They now want better quality, beautiful items that have meaning and longevity.  

Our mission here at Yessick’s is for our clients to have the home they have always dreamed of; one in which they can be proud to entertain their family and friends.  We are here to make that dream come true!

Please call or come by our showroom to make an appointment with one of our designers-we are at your disposal!