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Accent furniture and accessories complete your home.  They can turn an ordinary space or room into an extraordinary one.  Furniture such as tables, chairs, beds and sofas are the basic pieces a room needs but accents are the pieces than connect all the items in a room, determining the style of the room and adding that special, visual element.  These pieces make your room interesting and add character.  Accent pieces should be timeless, personal and they do not have to “match” the rest of the house.  You want those items to stand out!  Let’s talk about some items that can be the accent pieces in your home.

The foyer is an excellent place for an accent piece, either furniture or accessory.  A large mirror, a special chest or a beautiful lamp can be the accent.

Small tables make wonderful accents in any room.  They must be eye-catching, made from unconventional materials or have strong or unusual lines.

Chairs with a strong profile or outstanding upholstery can be the very piece that shines in your room.

Large floor pillows are an example of a statement item that can bring diversity and add extra seating options.  Here at Yessick’s we custom design and make beautiful floor pillows.  

As you can imagine, the list goes on and on.  The important thing to remember is that the accent pieces in your rooms need to be chosen with great thought and deliberation.  Our designers here at Yessick’s understand how important this aspect of the design process is and we are at your disposal.  All you have to do is call or come by our showroom and we will be ready to start this wonderful journey with you!