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What’s New In the Bedroom

What’s New In the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary—or it should be.  Instead, so many homeowners find themselves at the end of the day in a room that is a sad mix of dated décor, clutter, and unattractive exercise equipment.   The bedroom is supposed to be a place of rest, relaxation and romance; a serene environment to end your day and begin the next!  

Get ready, it’s time to devote some serious attention to your bedroom and the designers at Yessick’s are the absolute experts at this.   We see homeowners returning to beautiful, well-made furniture, custom draperies and bedding.  Bed skirts are making a big comeback.  Ours are handmade in our own workroom and are tailored (not gathered or ruffled like the ones from years past), and are the finest bed skirts found anywhere.  Bed skirts also serve a very practical purpose…..they hide your under-bed storage.  Our workroom also makes custom bedding….coverlets, lightweight comforters, or duvet covers and pillows.

“As the days begin to get shorter, we will find ourselves spending more and more time in our bedrooms.  Let us transform your bedroom into your very own personal sanctuary. “

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