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Downsizing and Doing It Right

Downsizing and Doing It Right

There are many reasons for downsizing your living quarters.  Maybe you recently became an “empty nester” or maybe you have gone through a major life change.  Maybe you have simply decided that it’s now time to scale down and have a home that requires less upkeep and maintenance.  There are many reasons that you may no longer want or need a large house.

Well, we have good news for you…………you CAN downsize to a smaller living space and still have a beautiful and welcoming home.  Downsizing can be rewarding and freeing but it can also be very daunting.  This is where a professional designer comes in by guiding you to make wise design decisions. 

Designers have a lot of tricks up their sleeve like, using mirrors to make small spaces seem much larger than they are…or recommending you use a small desk at the foot of your bed instead of a bench….much more practical!  A good designer knows that light, even-toned painted rooms fool the eye into thinking they are larger than they really are; you just have to know exactly which paint colors to choose.   It may sound counterintuitive but using a few large scale furnishing (rather than a lot of small pieces) can actually make a space feel larger and more grand!   These are just a few of the designer’s tricks of the trade that can take your small space, whether it’s an apartment or small condo, into a little jewel of a home. The designers at Yessick’s are experts at all this and more!

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