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The Importance of Statement Pieces

The Importance of Statement Pieces

A statement piece is any item in your home that immediately draws and holds your attention.  It adds personality and character to a space simply by its uniqueness.  It should be something you love and plan to live with for a long time.  Statement pieces set the tone for your space.  The following are items that can be the statement pieces in your home.


A mirror can serve several purposes.  It adds brightness and light and makes a space appear larger than it is.  A beautiful mirror can easily be your statement piece.  Try leaning a large floor mirror against a wall for a huge impact.


A special piece of furniture can make a wonderful statement.  But beware, a unique chair is a beautiful thing to behold but when selecting furniture always consider functionality; an uncomfortable chair, no matter how attractive, is not a good decision.  


Wallpaper is becoming more popular and there are so many beautiful ones on the market.  Powder rooms especially can turn into statements simply by the wallpaper.

Art and Accessories

Art and accessories are always the finishing touches in a room and a unique piece of art can be mesmerizing.  It’s the one item that doesn’t need to match anything.  In its uniqueness, it stands on its own.  Make it big, bold and something that you are in awe of.


A beautiful rug can make a statement without taking up any space!  It’s truly “art for the floor”.  

Now that you know the importance of statement pieces we invite you to call and have one of our talented designers make a statement in your home!