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What Is Your Design Style?

What Is Your Design Style?

We find that clients often don’t really know “their” design style….do you fall into this category?  Today, we will look at a very popular style-Transitional design.  

Transitional design is a blend of traditional and contemporary; it’s the “sweet spot” between the two design styles.  It is an elegant style that is timeless, sophisticated, polished and always looks fresh and current.  It has many of the traditional aspects but appears more modern in its appearance.   Accessories are kept to a minimum but are outstanding and statement worthy.  Furniture is less bold than contemporary design with softer, classic lines.  Many times antiques are mixed in which gives a room an even more refined look.   Colors are usually minimal and more neutral with a limited amount of accent colors.  Window treatments will be simple and crisp like the clean, classic panels that are so popular right now.  The saying “less is more” definitely applies to transitional design.  

It can be hard to strike the right balance when trying to attain this style and takes careful thought and more often than not, a talented designer.  The finished look is worth it however.  You will have a space that is personal and speaks to you.

So….does transitional design sound like your style?  If so, please call or come by our showroom and let us “lead the way” to your new design!