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The All Important Coffee (or Cocktail) Table

The All Important Coffee (or Cocktail) Table

Few pieces of furniture make a statement as a coffee or cocktail table in a space. But there are some things you must consider before blindly selecting one. A coffee table is a way to beautifully style your space. One of the most important decisions is the appropriate size; this is the most common mistake when buying a coffee table. The ideal height is between 18″-19″. If the sofa or chairs are not within reach, the table is the wrong size. It needs to be placed approximately 15″-18″ away from the sofa so items are within easy reach.

Now, what type of table is best? An upholstered ottoman is a great option for the room where you want to relax (put your feet up), read or watch TV. A hard surface or wood table is best for more formal areas such as a living room where you entertain guests.

Now for the fun part………styling your coffee table! A decorative tray is always a good idea. This provides storage for remote controls or other devices. Stacked coffee table books add height and another surface to place a lovely accessory, like a scented candle or a handsome magnifying glass. Beautiful candle sticks can also add height. But always avoid a cluttered look.

Those are a few simple rules and suggestions regarding the beloved coffee table but why not take all the guess work (and buying mistakes) out of the decision and simply come see one of our talented designers and let her (or him) help guild you toward the perfect table for your room? The designer can style your table to exactly meet your needs. There are thousands of options for coffee tables and we have access to all of them! We also have a large selection of beautiful accessories just waiting to polish off your space!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!