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The Minimalist Interior Design Style

The Minimalist
Interior Design Style

Could it be that minimalism might be your style? This design aesthetic creates a soothing environment for those clients who crave and feel most comfortable in a space with little or no visual clutter.

If this appeals to you, you will like furniture with clean lines, symmetrical curves and a limited color pallet. That doesn’t mean boring though! Nothing is more beautiful that a neutral color pallet with varying shades of creams, browns or even colors found in nature. The trick to this design choice is to play with texture. Layers of texture in fabrics and rugs will add excitement and interest to your space while preserving the tailored look you have created.

A word of caution though…… clients often inaccurately think a minimal design scheme will be easiest to achieve. Actually the opposite is usually true. This design especially needs a trained eye and hand to pull off a beautifully executed space. The beauty of it is you will need less furniture, accessories and fabrics so you can buy and afford the very best. Let one of our talented designers lead you to a beautiful minimal space where the items in the room stand out and get all the attention.

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